Facebooks Ads Right Now: Campaign Combos, CBO, Bans and More

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As part of Connect Week, we’ll be giving you techniques and tactics for Facebook ads you can use right now and into 2020. Whether you know what Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) and campaign combos are or you’ve never even heard of them, you’ll walk out with updates you can actually use.

Get Facebook to work for you, create audiences, feed the pixel, and make use of rules. Stop pulling your hair out finding the perfect targeting combination, let the algorithm build your base audience. Naming conventions, if you don’t have one, make one, you’ll thank us later. BFCM, it’s right around the corner, are your FB campaigns setup right?

Bio: John’s been in the Internet Marketing scene since 2006, arbitraging traffic between search engines and running paid traffic to affiliate offers back in the day.

His team has run digital ads for businesses big and small, from the likes of P&G brands and Uber down to small little $10-a-month eCom subscription businesses and local brick-and-mortars.

Watching a business blow up digitally is exciting, being the team behind that blow up is how they get their kicks.

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Entrepreneurship Educational Meetup Speaker Series Workshop



Cross Campus

87 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

There are many metered spaces and public parking lots nearby. One block from Memorial Park Metro.

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