Leader or Liability: How Does Workplace Bullying Affect Your Business?

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Are you concerned about employee ENGAGEMENT, RETENTION AND PRODUCTIVITY? In a recent employee Engagement survey, two thirds of the respondents reported being bullied. Are you one of them or could you or someone on your leadership team be accused of doing the bullying?

Don't lose your most talented employees because of bad behavior. People do not leave the job or the company—they leave their boss!

You may have just one or two team members who have built strong technical skills but do not work well with their teammates. This can drive away your top people, or greatly hinder the performance of those who stay.

If you're an established leader, a new manager or anticipate being in a role to influence your team, this workshop is for you!


In 90 minutes, we'll cover the most common corporate/workplace bullying behavior:

  • How to recognize it in yourself and others
  • What it means for your organization's culture and success
  • How to address it in the moment and long-term

The workshop will be highly interactive and you'll leave with some tools to address this issue immediately.

Type of event
Entrepreneurship Educational Lecture/Seminar Workshop



Cross Campus

87 N Raymond Ave
Pasadena, CA 91103

There are many metered spaces and public parking lots nearby. One block from Memorial Park Metro.

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