Unintended Consequences & Tech: How Things Don't Go The Way We Plan

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Things often don't go the way we plan. Unintended consequences or "second-order effects" are common in business, politics, and every facet of our lives. Let's learn why by looking at examples, causes of these effects, and counteractions.

We'll discuss specific examples of unintended consequences in tech and entrepreneurship, seeking certainty or preserving uncertainty, scaling businesses, and more... How did these consequences come about? And what could be done (if anything) to prevent them?

Those who would like to read some examples before the event are welcome to visit this site that lists second-order effects.

Look forward to see you there. Food provided.

Type of event
Entrepreneurship Signature Educational Lecture/Seminar



Pasadena Towers

55 S Lake Ave, Suite 550
Pasadena, CA 91101

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